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Just For Reference – Deploying SharePoint Solution Packages

Inevitably, right-click-deploy will fail you.  It’s not if, it’s when.  And if you’re as lucky as I am, SharePoint is not your primary technology; you don’t bath in it daily.  You visit it like the angry aunt who pinches your cheeks too hard and gives you wormy apples as a gift.  It means well, it just don’t know any better because it’s had a rough life.  This blog has served as my “reference” point for annoying things I have to remember.  Here’s another one:  Deploying Packages.  If you right click deploy and Visual Studio gives various errors (timeouts, locked files, etc), it might be time to nuke the package from your farm and do it the right way.  So lets crack open that SharePoint Administration PowerShell and navigate to a directory containing your wsp.

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Enabling FTP Server in OSX Mountain Lion

A quick tutorial on how to enable/disable FTP daemon on OS X lion.  This simple feature had eluded me for quite awhile, figured I’d (hopefully) help this guy’s SEO ranking.

SharePoint 2010: Enabling Developer Dashboard on Anonymous Sites

Something I ran into awhile ago and spent way too long digging out is enabling developer dashboard.  “But Lefty, there are thousands of blog posts on this subject, are you dim?” you might ask.  Nay, just picky. Most of the time, nobody cares how the admin side of their application performs.  Normally if it’s slow, it only affects a few users.  And normally those users are either the person or a direct report of the person that contracted the creation of that application.  The slow, behemoth that is the admin side helps them further appreciate the nimbleness of the public side.  In my experience, the best way to transform that slow behemoth into a nimble speed demon is the developer dashboard, and a liberal application of SPMonitoredScopes.

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