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SharePoint Custom Lists – Living with Living the Dream

Creating lists programmatically can be useful in many scenarios.  The scenario we run into most often are lists for waterfall projects that aren’t well thought out.  Need to define 30 e-mail templates?  Forgot a column?  Want to easily reset content to a base state?  Dealing with these scenarios by deploying list definitions/instances in a package rather than content restores can restore sanity, but does offer some drawbacks.  Namely – custom security and content query web parts.

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Just For Reference – Deploying SharePoint Solution Packages

Inevitably, right-click-deploy will fail you.  It’s not if, it’s when.  And if you’re as lucky as I am, SharePoint is not your primary technology; you don’t bath in it daily.  You visit it like the angry aunt who pinches your cheeks too hard and gives you wormy apples as a gift.  It means well, it just don’t know any better because it’s had a rough life.  This blog has served as my “reference” point for annoying things I have to remember.  Here’s another one:  Deploying Packages.  If you right click deploy and Visual Studio gives various errors (timeouts, locked files, etc), it might be time to nuke the package from your farm and do it the right way.  So lets crack open that SharePoint Administration PowerShell and navigate to a directory containing your wsp.

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SharePoint 2010 Chrome

I’m sure somebody, somewhere, leverages SharePoint Chrome for displaying the most beautiful and elegant titles on well-designed pages.  I, however, am not that person, and have never met that person.  The workflow I was accustomed to was:

  1. Add Web Part to page
  2. Edit Web Part
  3. Change Chome to None
  4. Save & Close Page
  5. Check In
  6. Publish
  7. Approve

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