Who is LeftyFTW? Why is his name lefty? And what is he winning?

Born in the frigid winter of ’81 near Alamagordo, NM, our hero battled scorpions, snakes, and myriads of other deadly creatures before the age of 2.

Not really… and it doesn’t matter. What matters is that through home schooling, growing up mostly in Alaska, graduating Virginia Tech, and spending way too much time with electronics, I find myself spending MORE time with electronics. And that’s how we find ourselves at this juncture.

It’s slightly embarrassing how this name came about, but it all started July 2010… Starcraft 2 moved from beta to release. And the last match I played was against a Terran opponent named YourRightNut. Whilst dispatching with him in the most awesome of fashions, I found myself giddy at his name. My own lack of complete self loathing stopped me from completely stealing his name, but the name “Lefty” felt like a safe name while paying homage to it’s origin.

Life, in general. The fun thing about being a developer is you are always provided problems, and 99.9% of those problems have solutions. And, in my opinion, there are few greater joys than finding creative, clean, inspired solutions to those problems. And there is no higher calling than bragging aboutsharing those amazing solutions with the world. Starcraft too… I enjoy winning at that as wel!


One thought on “About

  1. teresameek

    Hi Lefty,

    I saw your comment (as Torres) on Jeffrey McManus’ blog. I am a journalist doing a story for a tech website on computer science education, the theoretical vs. the practical, and I would love to talk to you for the story. If you can email me and let me know a good time to chat, I’d really appreciate it.

    Thanks so much,


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