Microsoft’s Not the Bad Guy Anymore

The journalists jumping back onto the “bash Microsoft” train are reusing decade old rhetoric to bash Microsoft for making understandable and credible design choices.

They have, from what I understand, reworked and rewritten windows to run on an ARM processor.  No longer Windows Mobile, Windows CE, but now a branch off of the full product into Windows RT.

What this rewrite (and business plan) provides is enhanced security, tighter hardware integration and hopefully an enhanced user experience.  This is exactly what Apple did, and exactly what Microsoft needs to compete with Apple.  Similar to Apple’s PPC -> Intel transition, it seems Microsoft has created a “Classic” mode to maintain compatibility with select programs, but they are not opening that up to rest of the world. Their reasoning: enhanced security, improved UX, enhanced battery life.  Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

Mozilla’s second complaint:  Since you don’t give us access to Classic, give us full API access.  Again, Microsoft tows the same line and only provides software access to API’s it deems safe for the end user.  I hope they don’t cave, and I hope if somebody brings legal action against Microsoft, they bring the entire software industry down with them.

In the end, software is about money, and money comes from exposure.  Google made Chromium and Android, Apple made iOS, if Mozilla wants into the integrated systems market, maybe it should build one from the ground up, rather than try to piggy-back off the success of others rather than complain when they’re not given the keys to the castle.


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